Sydney Dentist SEO

Sydney Dentist SEO Tips & Tricks

Are you a Sydney dentist? Are you currently trying to out-rank competition online? Are you stuck or confused in the process? You’ve come to the right place for help! Why are we being so nice to dentist? Those we commonly shy away from until out next visit? Simply put, dentists seem to have the most issues understanding how SEO (search engine optimization) actually works. That and the fact many are late-night do-it-yourselfers. The intent for this article is to help explain how it works and what you will benefit from it.

Different Forms of SEO

SEO comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes. It is literally the wild bush out there. The most common form is organic SEO. This is the process of ranking your website higher in a very natural way. Many smaller marketing agencies focus solely on this because it is easy to do and doesn’t require any out-of-pocket money to do. Here’s how! In just about every website you can manually put in a page title, a short page description and fill (no pun intended!) a box with words titled keywords. Simply fill out the title with a few of your main keywords you want to rank in as well as your business name and city/town you are based in. Make sure your page description also shares the same keywords and location. Finally, place these keywords separated by a comma in the keyword box. Do this for every page on your website. This is the way professional SEO companies help rank web sites organically in your city!

Design As Serious As A Root Canal

Your webpage layout also plays a big role. Web designers with knowledge of SEO can put use creativity to make sure your beautiful page does not put a stop to your rankings. Typically you will find two types of web designers out there- graphically inclined and search inclined. Graphic designers are more focused on how the site looks and how it will impact their portfolios. Search inclined designers focus on what makes you the most money and how it is search friendly before taking the graphical step. Not saying there is anything wrong with having a graphic designer create your web page but there can be some common issues down the road. For best results, work with both. How a website is built can also be an issue. Placing too much junk code on a page can severely impact your organics. Also, conversion rates can be higher with a search engine designer. Common practices are known by them how to create an optimal experience for your users so you can garnish higher conversions.

We hope all dentists out there will find this article helpful in their search for more knowledge. In closing, here's a video by Google AU detailing how to get your business on Google in 10 Steps. Cheers!

And remember to smile! :-)