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Designer's Guide to Website Design- Tips & Tricks

Designer's Guide to Website Design- Tips & Tricks

Designer for the web

Over the past few months I’ve been putting notes together for the purpose of offering some insider tips & tricks to all you designers out there. If you’re like me then web development probably isn’t one of your strengths. Time and time again I see designers forfeiting some of their best designs in the name of coding. Well, I put this list together to help designers accomplish their goals of seeing their creations a reality. Here we go:
1.    Design first. Despite what you know about coding and what you know can be done versus what you don’t know can be done. Just simply be creative with your web design and stay true with your focus. To help in this, checkout Aristeer. Artisteer is an advanced WYSIWYG program. Using this will help you save time, money and a heck lot of stress. Cheers to that!
2.    Pick your CMS. I recommend picking just one CMS (Content Management System) and sticking to it. My favorite and one that makes most sense to me is WordPress. A close runner up is Joomla! and DotNetNuke. You cannot go wrong with any. So pick one and stick to your guns. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it to its fullest off the bat. That will come over time. Also, Artisteer will export for all three platforms. Way cool!
3.    Choose Fonts wisely. Making print material can be super easy compared to finding what is compatible with your web design. After all, you don’t function as a professional web design company just yet! Its good practice to keep to web fonts for cross-browser, cross-platform visibility. We have used custom fonts installed on our server before. We found not all PCs/Macs were able to view our pages as intended and often defaulted to other fonts which just looked icky. So, choose the closet web-friendly font that comes to your design and stick with it! :-)

4.    That Google stuff. Since many of us are not too warm and fuzzy when it comes to things like search engine friendliness, I still recommend getting to know it. You don’t need to be a Google employee to get it but you’ll need to know the basics. I recommend spending a little time looking at the dummy’s book: Search Engine Optimization For Dummies. Don’t let the sheer size of the book deter you from reading. Checkout the parts about pictures and meta tags. That is a great start to wrap your mind around. Don’t worry if you don’t grasp it all in one day. Take your time.
That’s all for the installment. I know we only covered four topics but we will be back soon for more tips and tricks for designers looking for web tricks!